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We provide a personal approach to high volume contact center & IT staffing to ensure your customers receive exceptional service, all the time.


Our pricing model is designed to offer you an amazing price of $5/hour. Cut your employee overhead down by 80% when you work with preskoLABS. We specialize in helping companies save money, increase leads, and scale incredibly fast with our Call Center Services, IT Staffing, & Web Development.


Call Center

preskoLABS callers are experts in high volume calls. We actively source, attract and recruit contact center agents with the proven skills needed to be successful in this industry. We retain a healthy pool of experienced talent that is ready to begin working when clients need them.

Call Center
IT Staffing / Virtual Assistance

IT Staffing / Virtual Assistance

preskoLABS is an agency with experience in IT staffing and can provide the necessary support, saving the business time, effort and money while providing access to a pool of available, pre-screened, qualified talent.

Web Development

preskoLABS will make sure your website looks fantastic on each platform by using elegant layouts and responsive design. We’ll customize each layout, test every element, and make sure everything is perfect before launch day.

Web development

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